‘Go. Run with it. Make trouble’.

So here it is: after months of consideration I have finally started a blog. I wish ‘consideration’ actually said ‘planning’, but the truth is I’ve not planned this at all. I’ve just thought about it, which is how I usually go about doing things. There is no plan to this blog, just thoughts.

What finally got me going was finishing A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I finished it in tears in the bathroom this morning, locked away so the kids wouldn’t see me crying. What a wonderful book it is. An absolute modern classic. It deserves to be read by generations to come – I will certainly be giving it my kids when they’re (a lot) older.

I’ll be thinking about this book for a long time, but at the moment I’m pondering over what was the most powerful aspect – the writing (whose simplicity and directness only makes its impact greater), the illustrations (which literally took my breath away in places, and make the reading experience a very sensuous one – as in, it uses all the senses), or the three-way collaboration, between the author, the illustrator, and the originator of the story’s idea, who tragically died before she could start to write her novel. I felt the sense of responsibility the whole time I was reading – what an incredible trust was placed in Patrick Ness. And boy did he fulfil that trust (if that’s the right phrase – do you ‘fulfil trust’?)

In his introduction to the book Patrick says ‘Go. Run with it. Make trouble.’ I took your advice Patrick, and now look where it’s got me.


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